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Black clouds are accumulating over the enchanted island of Catan. Furious barbarians, drew in by the wealth of Catan, voyaged to approach the country. Luckily, warning has given Catan time to meet the danger. The size of the barbarian army equates to the number of cities in Catan. Thus, for Catan to fend off the barbarian attack, the players must build a knight force as strong as the barbarian force. Also the barbarians, players contend to establish the three great metropolises of Catan. Each of these glorious centers are worth two extra victory points.

To build a metropolis, players must invest in city betterments. To acquire these improvements, players must get the three new types of Trade Cards: Coinage, Paper, and Cloth. These cards can only be acquired by building a city next to mountain, forest, or pasture hexes. 2-4 Players, requires ownership of Settlers of Catan to play.

If you’ve bought the settlers of catan original game, I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with Cities and Knights of Catan expansion pack, if you buy this expansion pack then be prepared to spend more time to learn about the game, at the beginning you may have to stick with the manual to get the hang of it, but it’s worth it.


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