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When I first read about Mayfair the settlers of catan board game on the Penny Arcade blog, they appeared to like it very much, so I figured I’d try it out one day, and now I finally bought it (along with the Cities and Knights and Seafarer’s expansions) and played it with a friend of mine.

It appears a bit simple at first (a 20 or so grid board with wooden play pieces) and the rules seem perplexed but once you master it, the game becomes a lot of fun.

It’s basically a board/table-top edition of a small part of a Civ game. You’ve a grid of plots that each have different terrain. That terrain interprets to a resource (i.e. a Forest gives you Wood, a Field gives you Grain, etc.). You place numbered disks on each plot which represent to numbers on a 2d6 roll (2-12, except for 7).



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