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if you’re looking for the kind of game that can strech your mind then the Settlers of Catan would a perfect choice to have, the Settlers of Catan is a nice alternative to the “game systems” games and play the old “board style” way every once and a while. You can come up with lots of unique strategies as the game progresses because it offers different kind of terrain on each game, so you will never get bored with how the game displayed, this is by far the best board game ever invented in the 21st century.

The first edition of Settlers of Catan was first released back in 1996, the main idea is to populate the board game with settlements, to build settlements you need to collect different types of resources that will be determined when players roll of the dice.

You can also purchase what it called as “development cards” which provide the card holder with lots of advantages, to win the game you need to collect 10 victory points, that you can get through building settlements or purchasing certain development cards.



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