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The Settlers Of Catanthe settlers of catan is a classic, you will not find a better board game than this one, you can call it as the “economy edition” and like any other boardgame it has a lot of different styles and releases, now it’s the 4the edition, you will find this one to be more assembly than others, the game is very easy to play and it takes only 15 minutes to set up for the first time.

The Settlers Of Catanthe settlers of catan is a very beautiful and challenging board game that will force you to use different strategies to get victory points, the most difficult part is to choose where to build your settlements, roads, and you have to be sure and precise in what you want to spend your resources on.

This game also offers a lot of interactions with other players by adding the ability to trade resources, you can work together with your friends or your opponents until you finally turn on them at the end to get your victory point, the game requires you to have at least 3 player, you also can play up to 6 player by purchasing the expansion pack.



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